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Making Memories: A Shiny Penny not a Pretty Penny

Family vacations result in a lot of warm and fuzzy memories over the years, but they can also end with an overflowing box of souvenirs. After collecting dust, these once cherished items get discarded whenever the great summer Exodus, better known as the yard sale, occurs. Pictures are worth a thousand words, but whether printed or digital, it’s difficult to find time to sort through them and relive those joyful moments. So, what is a happy compromise?

When my husband and I first started dating, he introduced me to the Pressed Penny Machines. On one date, we went to Knoebel’s Amusement Resort, located in Elysburg, Pennsylvania. Outside of the gift shop, wherein I had been pondering laying down a considerable chunk of change, was the Penny Press Machine. I promptly paid a small amount and sacrificed a shiny penny in the bottom of my change purse and, in return, I received a squished penny with their historic Carousel horse stamped on it. Although I didn’t buy a cheesy souvenir at the gift shop, I did purchase a photo album sized “wallet” that allowed for 20 more pressed pennies to be housed inside.

Old Penny Presses from Trimpers and the Kite Loft.

Fast forward to eight years of wedded bliss (although Dan might debate this at times *LOL*), and observers will see us springing for other Pressed Penny Machines at places like Ocean City, Maryland. Instead of me, my daughter, Allie, excitedly inserts the coin and money, putting her back into it, as she turns the wheel to stamp her design on the coin.

That got me to thinking… are there Pressed Penny Machines in Ocean City, Maryland? So, I decided to do a bit of research this week.

Please NOTE: I have not personally confirmed all of these locations, but I found them through online research.

Boardwalk - Haunted House on the Boardwalk 700-730 Atlantic Avenue

Dolle’s Candyland

500 S Atlantic Ave

Dead Freddies Island Grill 105 64th St

Frontier Town Campground & Amusements 8428 Stephen Decatur Highway

Funcade 905 Atlantic Ave

Fun City Arcade

100 S Atlantic Ave

Inlet Bar and Grill 804 South Boardwalk

Old Pro Golf

13603 Coastal Highway

Ripley's Believe It or Not! 401 Atlantic Avenue

The Kite Loft 511 N Boardwalk

Trimpers Rides and Amusements S. First Street and The Boardwalk

Other old Penny Presses from Lost Treasure Golf, the Haunted House, and Frontier Town.

Sure, we still like a vacation specific t-shirt as we go on family vacations, but the Penny Press still gives us an extra memory to hold in the palm our hands.

Do you collect pressed coins? Which are your favorites? Are any from Ocean City, Maryland? Post your comments and pictures. Thanks for sharing!

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