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A Breakfast Favorite - Layton's!

One of the first treasures that we found in Ocean City, Maryland were the two sister restaurants called Layton’s. Since Carousel 601 is located on 117th street, the nearest of these two restaurants is on 92nd street, oceanfront, so we tend to go there more frequently. Although they serve lunch, Layton’s is actually our favorite place to go for breakfast. It’s closest to the condo and, compared to a lot of other places, you get a lot for your money.

The restaurant is clean, the service is fast, and the waitresses are always friendly. My daughter, Allie, loves the various sea creatures mounted on the walls and the two huge tanks filled with live, colorful saltwater fish. There’s also outdoor seating with umbrellas so patrons can enjoy the sea breeze.

Some of the fish themed decor at Layton's on 92nd.

We prefer to arrive before 9am, as some mornings can be busier than others, but the food is totally worth it if you don’t mind the short wait! My husband, Dan, who enjoys seafood, loves their Eggs Chesapeake. The dish includes two over-easy eggs, topped with two seasoned crab cakes and Benedict Sauce on top of an open faced English muffin. Dan describes that it has a good, strong flavor that isn’t overpowering with a generous portion. He feels this is the best seasoned crab cake we’ve experienced in Ocean City thus far.

Eggs Chesapeake

I prefer a more traditional fair, such as French toast or waffles. Layton’s often has seasonal toppings like bananas forester or berries and whipped cream to add variety to their morning offerings. Whatever I order comes with slightly crispy, delicious hashed browns and I typically order a side of bacon to share with my daughter. I’m glad to share with her, as I often have difficulty eating the whole serving by myself. Without fail, Allie always orders the rainbow pancakes, which come in a stack representing every color of the rainbow, topped with whipped cream and sprinkles, of course!

Rainbow Pancakes

Layton’s on 16th street, bayside, offers a more extensive breakfast and lunch menu. The walls are comprised of beautiful sea murals and, like it’s sister location, patrons are greeted by the pirate statute at the door. The main thing that makes the 16th street Layton’s special to us is their wider selection of freshly baked donuts. Although some items can be purchased fresh on 92nd street, the biggest apple fritter I have ever seen in my life can only be bought in the downtown location. This thing is as big as an adult’s head and can easily be split between three people. It’s just the right balance of cinnamon and sugar glaze with little apple bits on top. If you don’t have time to stop in and eat breakfast or lunch there, at least swing by to pick up an apple fritter. They also have other unique donuts, such as a chocolate glazed with bacon crumbles on top.

We go to Layton’s at least 2-3 times a week, each beach visit. My husband has purchased a T-shirt and coffee mug for me, which I wear back home in Pennsylvania. So, when planning for your next vacation in Ocean City, Maryland (hopefully at Carousel 601), don’t miss stopping at Layton’s!

My Layton's Mug

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