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Direct booking allows guests the opportunity to direct interact with the owners, thus gaining personal insight into Ocean City, MD in a way a corporate booking agency cannot.  Since Carousel 601 is our second home, we strive to make your vacation experience the best and value customer feedback. 
By renting Carousel 601 directly, guests receive better deals when compared to third party vacation booking websites.  Establishing a relationship with the homeowners will eliminate the middle-man, resulting not only in repeat business discounts, but also faster responses, should any issue arise while on vacation.  
Popular corporate vacation rental websites profit by charging guests a variety of service and booking fees, some are not revealed until after deposits have been made.  By booking direct, Carousel 601 has no hidden fees. The price you are quoted is clearly explained and beats the competition.
The owners of Carousel 601 feel privileged to share their knowledge of Ocean City, MD with guests. Our goal is that renters receive vacations that are catered to their needs, interests, and families.
Guests have no worries when booking directly.  Carousel 601 is 100% secure with two payment choices available:  personal check or Verified Paypal.
Saturday to Saturday Weekly Rentals 
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